How to prepare for Flying Faith2

October 23, 2021
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Flight Environment Requirements
● Do not fly the drone in bad weather such as high winds, snow, rain, foggy weather, etc.
● Choose a wide, open place with no tall buildings surrounded as a flight site. Buildings that use a lot of
steel bars may affect the compass work and block GPS signals resulting in poor positioning or even inabili-
ty to locate the drone.
● When flying, please keep drone in sight, away from obstacles, crowds, water, etc.
● Do not fly in areas that have high-voltage lines, communication base stations or transmission towers,
etc. to avoid signal interference of the remote controller.
● When flying above 5000m altitude, the performance of the drone battery and power system will be
degraded due to environmental factors, thus the flight performance will be affected.Please fly with
● GPS is not available for flight in Arctic Circle and Antarctic Circle.
Flight Restrictions and Flight Limits of Special Area
According to the air traffic control regulations and the drone management regulations of ICAO and differ-
ent nations' air traffic control, drones must fly in the prescribed airspace.
Pre-Flight Inspection
● Make sure the remote controller, drone battery, and mobile device are fully charged;
● Make sure the propellers intact and installed currectly;
● Make sure that front and rear arms and the blades are fully unfolded;
● Make sure that the camera lens is clean;
● Make sure the TF card installed currectly;
● Ensure that the battery is firmly installed;
● Always use original components or accessories certified by the Manufacturer. The use of non-original
accessories may pose a hazard to the use of the drone."
Test Flight
Beginner's Mode
For beginners, please turn on the beginner's mode. Once the mode is activated, the drone will locate its
own position by GPS before ready to takeoff. If the drone can not be controlled after takeoff, the RTH can
be used to allow the drone to return automatically.
Re-pair Remote Controller and Drone
The drone is pre-paired with the remote controller in the package, users can use it once turn it on.
However, if the remote controller is replaced or for other reasons that causes a failure in matching the
drone and the remote controller, please complete the binding as the following steps :
(1)Turn on the aircraft and the remote control.
(2)Open your phone and go to the Settings - WLAN menu to see the list of current Wi-Fi signal. User can see
the remote's Wi-Fi signal: Ground-xxxxxx (xxxxxx is a serial number consisting of letters and Numbers).Please record the serial number of the remote control for standby.

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